Grass-roots community organisation that aims to improve the natural condition of the Derwent catchment

Tyenna River restoration

The Tyenna River Recovery Program arose from grass-roots community concern about willows restricting fishing and recreation access on the Tyenna. The Derwent Catchment Project (DCP) and the Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) Anglers Access Program have been working with local landowners, industry, community groups and anglers to remove willows and revegetate riverbanks. The work led to the formation of the ‘Willow Warriors’, a group of dedicated anglers who are seeking to improve access to the river and fish habitat. There have also been considerable restoration efforts with works by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Wildcare and Norske Skog.

We have developed a strategic, reach-based plan for the recovery of the Tyenna River (prepared for and funded by the Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund) over a 10-year timeframe. It outlines how crack willow will be eradicated and riverbanks stabilised; restoration efforts by program partners will be linked. The objectives of this overall plan are to:

  • describe and map the crack willow infestations and the presence of native riverbank vegetation along the Tyenna River
  • outline community-driven river recovery using a reach-based approach
  • estimate the costs of restoration for each reach
  • detail an investment plan for achieving full river recovery within 10 years.

The recovery plan addresses three key issues that affect the health and resilience of the Tyenna River to extreme events such as floods and drought: crack willow infestations, riverbanks lacking vegetated buffers, and impacts on water quality from inputs of nutrient and sediment from a range of land and water uses.

This work is supported by the Tyenna River Recovery Communications Plan and the reach-based Tyenna River Recovery Action Plan (Reaches 1-3).

Tyenna River recovery plans

Tyenna River Recovery Action Plan 2020–23 – describes the works scheduling and methods for the first three 3-km reaches, including the work we have planned for this year.

Tyenna River recovery action plan reaches 1-3

Tyenna River Overall Recovery Plan 2020–29 – describes the approach for the restoration of the entire length of the river and willow eradication over 10 years.

Tyenna River overall recovery plan

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