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Pasture management

Pasture Principals Course

The Derwent Catchment Project have been facilitating a Pasture Principals course delivered by Macquarie Franklin which has been running over the past 8 months and will continue until Autumn this year. The course has a practical field based approach, teaching best practice pasture management techniques that are grounded in agricultural research.

There are 7 farm enterprises from the Central Highlands participating and 1 from the Derwent Valley. The workshops and farm visits incorporate topics on pasture rotation length with information provided on leaf stage grazing principals, leaf emergence rates, pasture quality and grazing intensity and duration. Other workshops cover in detail how to determine leaf stage, measure pasture pre and post grazing; determine animal requirements, allocate feed and develop a feed budget.

The course aims to support individuals to set up a feed budget for their own enterprises and to provide practical on farm workshops to support practice change. This project is about improving production and has an environmental benefit through improving ground cover and reducing the requirement for insecticides.

If you are interested in participating in a future course please contact Josie Kelman on 0427 044 700 or


Pasture Principles Course participants out in the field