Grass-roots community organisation that aims to improve the natural condition of the Derwent catchment

Hamilton Nursery and Revegetation

Clearview Farm Project

The provision of funding from Taswater into the Dairy Cares for the Derwent program has enabled support of the Clean Rivers program in Southern Tasmania. This program supports riparian fencing, revegetation and improving effluent systems. The Taswater funding has assisted a project at Clearview farm in Gretna. This is a new dairy owned by Compass Agribusiness Management.

Compass Agribusiness Management have entirely funded the fencing of the waterways as the timing was fortuitous for the program with the early stages of farm development requiring a complete change in fencing across the property. All waterways have been fenced out across the property and a revegetation plan has been developed. Stage One of the plan has been completed.

The Derwent Catchment Project staff have been actively involved in the revegetation plantings and provided training for Clearview staff on the best process for revegetation and maintenance of the plantings. The Derwent Catchment Project will continue to play an active role of support as the project continues.

The first round of planting occurred in Spring 2015 with 1000 trees and shrubs now growing successfully around a major dam and waterway. There are more stages of revegetation planned for the Dairy in the future.