grass roots community organisation that aims to improve natural condition of the derwent catchment

Farm Planning

Farm planning is a major focus for the Derwent Catchment Project. We are working with farmers to produce maps of  natural assets and farm infrastructure using the most up-to-date imagery available. The types of information used in compiling the maps includes soils, geology, land capability, vegetation, threatened species and hydrology as well as all fencing, water-points and built infrastructure.

The plan design is led by the farmers interests. For example proposed plans can be included for changing paddocks, irrigation systems or potential cropping areas. We also discuss options for pasture management and will help determine pasture cover and can offer a plate meter on loan to help monitor and assist with pasture budgeting. We can also help you apply for grants and support for activities such as fencing off bush areas or investigating new best practice innovations.

So if you are interested in a farm plan please contact Josie and Eve on 6286 3211 or