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Dairy Cares for the Derwent

Dairy Cares for the Derwent was a collaborative initiative from local farmers, Dairy Tasmania, the Derwent Catchment Project, NRM South, TasWater and Government to ensure environmental sustainability underpins expansion of the southern Tasmanian dairy industry. The Derwent Valley is ripe with opportunity for dairy, given the excellent water rights on some properties adjacent to the Derwent River.

Through the program we engaged with dairy farmers in the Derwent Catchment to plan and implement best management practices to help protect water quality in the Derwent River. Property management plans ensured 100% stock exclusion and good riparian buffers for those dairy farms fronting the Derwent River and all tributaries on dairy farms draining into it.

A Fert$mart nutrient management plan was developed for each property, to be regularly reviewed and actioned.The process involves testing soils on a paddock scale for nutrient levels to maximise efficiency and minimise waste.  The program completed nine Fert$mart plans, which accounted for all dairy farms in the Derwent at the time.

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Dairy cows obseving a newly planted shrub

Derwent Catchment Project

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