grass roots community organisation that aims to improve natural condition of the derwent catchment

Catchment Management Planning

The Derwent Catchment NRM plan is out of date and due for renewal it was published in 2002. Much of the introductory information remains accurate. The update will not go over old ground but rather renew the information that is likely to have changed. For example, there is improved availability in spatial information for Natural Resource Management and  land use that will improve the baseline data in the old plan. The Derwent Catchment Project will undertake a new GIS mapping process that identifies natural values, agricultural and cultural values and threats to values. Priority areas for improving practice and managing threats will be identified. The current planning scheme and council planning zones will also be included to consider practical management implications.  This initial planning phase has commenced.

The Derwent Catchment Project is hoping to attract additional funds to support a community consultation process which will allow identification of key community interests and areas for action. As the project progresses this website will be updated with maps. We will ask for online comment on the plan as it progresses.