Grass-roots community organisation that aims to improve the natural condition of the Derwent catchment



Agricultural best practice is one of the main focus areas of The Derwent Catchment Project. We are currently running programs on farm planning, coordinating the Derwent Pasture Network and Dairy Cares for the Derwent programs, forage shrub trials and bushfire recovery projects. >> More

Roadside weed management operation

Weed management

Our weed management programs are spread across the Central Highlands and Derwent Valley council areas. >> More

Miena cider gum with protective mesh


Conservation projects are underway in efforts to protect Miena cider gum habitat and research feral pests, informed by detailed catchment management planning. Our conservation work is supported by the Hamilton Nursery. >> More

Field workers removing willows from riverbank

River restoration

We have a series of resources explaining your responsibility as a landholder, how to restore land and revegetate after a flood, and on willow management. >> More

Derwent Catchment Project

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