grass roots community organisation that aims to improve natural condition of the derwent catchment

Projects 2016-17

It's been a busy year for the Derwent Catchment Project. Here is a list of the projects we've been working on over the past 12 months.

Agricultural best practice program

  • Pasture Hub – locally relevant source of pasture data and resources for graziers
  • Nutrient works program
  • Farm plans
  • BBQ series – info sessions on agri issues and management
  • Forage shrub trial
  • Small farms workshop for the Derwent Valley
  • Dairy Cares for the Derwent
  • Supporting grant applications and providing technical advice

Weed Management Program

  • Central Highlands Weed Management Program
    • Interlaken Ramsar – weed management plan
    • Dee Lagoon – gorse and broom control program
    • Poatina Fire – ragwort control program
    • Wayatinah weed management plan
    • Spanish Heath at Monto’s creek
    • Ongoing implementation of the plan and coordinating stakeholder action
  • Derwent Valley Weed Management Program
    • Granton Park – boxthorn and boneseed control program
    • Gordon River Road – Spanish heath control program
    • African Feather Grass
    • Karamu
    • Willow warriors
    • Ongoing implementation of the plan and coordinating stakeholder action
    • Weed hygiene protocols
  • Weed hygiene protocols

Conservation and restoration

  • Miena Cider Gum – condition assessment and browsing protection program
  • New Norfolk Riparian Natural Area Plan
  • Community wildlife and feral animal monitoring in the Derwent Catchment
  • Platypus walk rejuvenation and willow removal
  • Green Army and CVA project coordination
  • Nursery – native plant nursery
  • Flame retardant native gardens – supporting community fire safety
  • Ouse River Recovery – flood recovery application