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Poatina Fire Project Part 2


Axel Meiss (left) and Oliver Strutt working hard on ragwort control February 2016

Hi this is Trish, who is helping out Josie and Eve, reporting from an office desk with not a helicopter in sight! The ragwort control project is in full-swing as I type with Jarrah, our person on the ground reporting that that ‘four staff working in teams of two have removed 36 of the mapped populations in the North-eastern section of the project area. The terrain is very challenging and remote infestations can take many hours to reach’. Where the infestations are remote all equipment must be carried in which takes the concept of ‘walking to work’ to a whole new level, great job people!
The on-ground crew are working to a plan devised after the helicopter survey which follows DPIPWE weed management guidelines for ragwort. Dense infestations or areas accessible by vehicle will be sprayed unless flowering in which case they will be hand-pulled and bagged. Remote area weed control will mainly involve hand-pulling and burying of flowering plants but smaller plants and rosettes will be sprayed. Control programs commenced in late November and conclude in February for this season. We would like to thank Hydro Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania for funding this important work.