Grass-roots community organisation that aims to improve the natural condition of the Derwent catchment


We welcome the support of sponsors whether it be financial or in-kind support. Please become a financial sponsor and or donate your time into supporting our collective aims in improving the Derwent Catchment.

Gold Sponsors - are sponsors who provide more than $10, 000 per annum to the Derwent Catchment Group. These sponsors are supporting activities across the region but also purchasing project management time for specific activities, e.g. the Central Highlands Weed Management Program

Silver Sponsor - are sponsors who provide over $1,000 dollars but less than $10,000 to support specific activities across the region but not purchasing project management time. We have a number of projects for which we would like to gain support and or additional resources to achieve our outcomes. These areas cover biodiversity conservation, weed management and reafforestation e.g. you could support the protection of the threatened Miena Cider Gum by investing in cages/fences for browsing protection. Let us know your interest and we will work with you on developing a project or directing your funds to a project of interest. Derwent Catchment Group is a small grass roots not-for-profit organisation and your investment will buy ongoing NRM work in the region. Our aim is to get maximum bang for buck and dollars spent on the ground improving the condition of the Derwent Catchment.

Bronze Sponsor – are sponsors who offer in-kind support and promotion of the organisation.

Derwent Catchment Project

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