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Weed management

Weed control videos

Here's some useful advice on how to control some of Tassie's most common weeds. Thanks to TasNetwork's Community Partnerships program.

Horehound and Paterson's Curse

Common in areas under grazing with low-rainfall, degraded land and roadsides.

Spanish heath

Found on degraded pastures and along roadsides, and can invade bushland.

Declared thistles

There are several declared species of thistles commonly found in paddocks and disturbed areas.


A major problem for Tassie's waterways and bushland.

Broom and gorse

Woody weeds that are costly to remove.

Cross-tenure, collaborative weed management partnerships 

Weed management workshops 

We have developed practical weed management workshops for contractors and works staff full of information on key weed species, control methods and weed hygiene practices. We have also developed simple checklist weed hygiene protocols to support on-ground works crews with reducing weed seed spread.  

Contact our Weed Officer Josie Kelman:, 0427 044 700

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Roadside weed management operation

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