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Miena Cider Gum Project

The Miena Cider Gum (Eucalyptus gunnii subsp. divaricata) is an iconic tree that is endemic to Tasmania’s Central Plateau where it mostly grows on the edges of frost hollows. It is extremely frost resistant and has been used in eucalyptus breeding programs because of this characteristic.

The cider gum is renowned for producing a sweet sap which ferments in contact with natural yeasts in the air to produce an alcoholic drink. This ‘cider’ was used as part of Tasmanian Aboriginal corroborees.

The Miena Cider Gum is listed as endangered on both State and Commonwealth threatened species legislation. The main threats to this species are drought, animal browsing, inappropriate fire regimes, habitat fragmentation, climate change and land clearing. It appears that all of these factors combined are responsible for spiralling declines observed in the species over the last 20 years.

Our Committee is working with experts to develop a project proposal for a long term Miena Cider Gum trial. The outcomes of the project will be to raise the profile of Miena Cider Gum within the catchment. It will continue to engage in active management of seedlings on private land and create seed orchards at several sites as part of a robust research project to ensure scientifically relevant results in the future.


Miena Cider Gum


Newly propagated Cider Gum